I love the variety that comes with my role. One day, I could be capturing video footage of one of our community programmes, and the next I could be tasked with designing a logo or infographic for a brand campaign.

I also feel so lucky to have the opportunity to work with global brands like Coca‑Cola, and bring some creative-thought to local brands like Deep RiverRock. I don’t think there is another company out there that could have given me the experience across such a dynamic portfolio of brands.

I started in Coca‑Cola HBC in September 2016 as a Graphic Design Management Trainee. In March 2018 I secured a permanent position as a Visual Communication Executive with the Public Affairs and Communication Function.

When I joined Coca‑Cola HBC I had limited professional experience outside of the bar trade and I didn’t really know what to expect coming into such a large organisation. Conor Scott, Visual Communication Executive

The RISE Management Trainee programme was the perfect stepping stone for me as a graduate to transition into the working world. I quickly gained exposure to a range of projects and functions and developed a solid understanding of the inner-workings of this leading FMCG organisation. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my career, and I truly value the experience I gained in such a short-time.

The 2017 RISE Management Trainee Conference in Serbia was a highlight during my time on the programme.  I had the opportunity to network with my peers from every other country across the 28-country group, and I learned so much about the different business and cultural dynamics of other markets. The Irish team was presented with an award at the closing ceremony of the conference for a video we created about our business unit. I also won an individual award for demonstrating the values of Coca‑Cola HBC throughout the conference, which made the trip even more special.

The opportunities that Coca‑Cola HBC offer for professional development are exceptional. The business has supported me to return to formal education to undertake a Digital Marketing Masters on a part-time basis. I love being able to apply what I’m learning to my role on a day-to-day basis.

Aside from the development opportunities, the company also encourages all staff to volunteer our time to a cause that we care about and I’ve particularly enjoyed participating in beach clean-ups as part of our Clean Coasts Week campaign. Having the opportunity to take some time out of the office to have fun with your colleagues, while doing some good for your local community, makes you all the more proud to work for Coca‑Cola HBC!

My advice to any Management Trainee or new recruit to Coca‑Cola HBC would be to speak up and voice your opinion. If you have been lucky enough to get the job, you are there for a reason and your opinion is valued. I would also encourage you to embrace all opportunities to work with different departments. It gives you invaluable professional experience and you just never know what your next career move might be.